30 janvier 2008

Romania: Direct and Indirect Tax Issues/Ernst and Young

The standard rate of income tax for both companies and individuals in Romania is 16%. The Merger Directive, the Parent-Subsidiary Directive, the Savings Directive and the Directive on Mutual Assistance by the competent authorities of the Member States in the field of direct taxation and taxation of insurance premiums are fully implemented. Complete implementation of the Interest and Royalties Directive has been postponed until 2011. Meanwhile, Romanian legislation provides for a reduced 10% withholding tax for interest and... [Lire la suite]
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30 janvier 2008

BBC: Comunicarea de ştiri sau informaţii false de natură să aducă atingere siguranţei statului sau relaţiilor internaţionale ale

(tr) Moderator, Roxana Lăzărescu:Mai multe organizaţii neguvernamentale printre care Agenţia de Monitorizare a presei, Centrul pentru Jurnalism Independent sau Convenţia Orgnizaţiilor de Media protestează faţă de propunerea de introducere în Codul Penal a unui amendament care ar pedepsi cu închisoarea între 1 şi 5 ani: "Comunicarea de ştiri sau informaţii false de natură să aducă atingere siguranţei statului sau relaţiilor internaţionale ale României". Ioana Avădani este preşedintele Centrului pentru Jurnalism... [Lire la suite]
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27 janvier 2008

Anti-Semitic incidents rise in Germany, Australia, U.S. in 2007

The annual global report on anti-Semitism being presented to the cabinet Sunday morning points to a rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Germany, Australia, the United States and Ukraine together with an overall decrease in Western Europe. The largest number of incidents were recorded in Britain, followed by France. Under pressure from Diaspora Jewish community leaders, particularly the Board of Deputies of British Jews, it was decided this year not to cite numbers of incidents but only to report general trends. In previous years... [Lire la suite]
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27 janvier 2008

Remembrance of Holocaust

Days before the United Nations General Assembly observes the third annual day to commemorate victims of the Holocaust, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday called on the world never to let it happen again. The 192-nation body declared three years ago that each January 27 will be the International Day in Memory of Holocaust Victims. It was the first time since the end of World War II that the UN recognized the killing of an estimated 6 million Jews and minorities by Nazi Germany. Germany nominated the day as a national... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2008


Over 2 million visitors in 73 locations have viewed the the Simon Wiesenthal Center's traveling exhibition on the Nazi Holocaust, The Courage to Remember, since its opening. Mrs. Yukiko Sugihara, wife of Chiuni Sugihara and then-U.S. ambassador to Japan, Walter Mondale were those in attendance at the opening in Japan in 1994, where the exhibit was sponsored by Soka University of Japan. The Courage to Remember has been shown throughout North America and in over 20 countries on 6 continents including Australia, South Africa,... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2008

Wiesenthal Centre to Romanian President: Dismiss Foreign Minister for Proposal to Deport Roma to Egyptian Desert Reservation

Wiesenthal Centre to Romanian President: Dismiss Foreign Minister for Proposal to Deport Roma to Egyptian Desert Reservation Paris, 9 November 2007 In a letter to Romanian Prime Minister, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, expressed astonishment that "in your current state visit to Italy, to discuss the situation of Romanian Roma (Gypsy) migrants, you are still accompanied by your Foreign Minister, Adrian Cioroianu." Samuels noted that "last week, the same... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2008

KZ-Arzt in Südamerika gesucht

"Alt-Nazis aufzuspüren ist nicht schwer. Sie vor Gericht zu bringen, das ist der schwierige Teil," Efraim Zuroff, der Leiter des Simon-Wiesenthal-Zentrums in Jerusalem, spricht aus Erfahrung. Am Dienstag kündigte er in der argentinischen Hauptstadt Buenos Aires die Ausweitung des Programmes "Operation Letzte Chance" auf die südamerikanischen Länder, Argentinien, Chile, Uruguay und Brasilien an. In einer zweiten Phase soll es bald auf Paraguay und Bolivien erweitert werden. Mit der "Operation Letzte Chance" versucht das Zentrum,... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2008

Rumänische Kirche gegen "Satanische Verse"/Klerikale Verschwörung

Die rumänisch-orthodoxe Kirche verurteilt die Übersetzung der "Satanischen Verse" von Salman Rushdie. Und nennt sie Gotteslästerung. Die "Satanischen Verse" von Salman Rushdie sorgen in Rumänien für Aufregung. In einem kurzen Kommuniqué verurteilte das Patriarchat der rumänisch-orthodoxen Kirche die Veröffentlichung des kürzlich in rumänischer Übersetzung erschienenen Romans als ein Werk, das "die geistlichen Werte und religiösen Symbole" verunglimpft. Das Kommuniqué, das sich ausdrücklich mit der... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2008

City in Czech Republic bans neo-Nazi march slated for weekend

The western Bohemian city of Pilsen decided to ban a neo-Nazi march scheduled to pass through the city over the weekend, Mayor Pavel Roedl told reporters Thursday. "I don't want to be the mayor of a city in which radicals have a free possibility to give the Nazi salute," the Pravo daily cited the mayor as aying on its news web site. The mayor also said that he banned the march, planned for Saturday, for security reasons as the authorities believe that much more than the announced 150 radicals would arrive in Pilsen, a city... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2008

Five students from Jewish high school attacked by group in Berlin

Five students from a Jewish high school in Berlin were attacked this week by a group of four men, German police said Thursday. The incident took place Wednesday, when the attackers unleashed a dog at the students, aged 15 to 17. Two of the alleged perpetrators of the attack, aged 27 and 31, are to appear before a magistrates court Thursday. The Jewish community in Germany is the fastest-growing in the world, according to the World Jewish Congress, mostly because of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Germany's Central Council of... [Lire la suite]
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